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Phasmophobia Decompiled GameAssembly with C# Metadata

Hi guys! So this wasn’t TOO hard to make, just took a long LONG time to decompile completely, so here you go! This is the game’s entire GameAssembly injected with the C# metadata for easy function finding. This took around ~6 hours to decompile, so enjoy! I hope someone smarter then me can find a use for it, as the RPC calls just look like jumbled garbage to me.
The unrar’d file is around 200MB with about 7 million lines of code (im not joking) so have fun!
Decompiling Specs:
IDA Pro 7.5 C++ Decompiler
86 decompilation errors out of 105k functions (decent ratio)
7.4 hours taken to decompile
Some TypeInfos missing, seems to be an issue with the IL2CPP-Inspector generated python script in 7.5


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