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Download PAYDAY The Heist Script Dumps Lua scripts collection + will make requests updated 20-11-2019 Payday 2 Payday: The Heist

Lua scripts collection + will make requests [updated 20-11-2019]

A list (in order) here so you can quickly find if what you’re looking for is in the thread already:
– Show hint
– Print local message under SYSTEM
– No fall damage
– No repercussions for killing civilians
– X-Ray (customizable + toggleable)
– No invisible walls
– Ammo pickup multiplier (customizable)
– Infinite jumps (customizable)
– No “point of no return” timer
– Unlock all masks
– Unlock all DLC
– Set higher level
– No intro dialog
– Enable restart game
– Infinite cable ties
– Enable crosshair when downed
– Reverse lookup Idstring
Show hint, function to call to show a hint in the middle of the screen for a few seconds.

Code: — Show hint– Author: DvD function _hint(message) if managers.hud then managers.hud:show_hint({text = message}) endend

Print local message under SYSTEM, function to call which shows a message in chat but only to you.
Code: — Print local message under SYSTEM– Author: DvD function _print(message) if not managers.hud then return end message = “SYSTEM: “..message local s = managers.hud:script(PlayerBase.PLAYER_INFO_HUD_FULLSCREEN).panel:child(“textscroll”):script() s.box_print(message, Color.yellow, utf8.find_char(message, “:”)) s.scrollus:set_color(Color.white)end

No fall damage

Run as keybind in-game or postrequire to lib/units/beings/player/playerdamage. Code: — No fall damage– Author: DvD function PlayerDamage:damage_fall(data) end

No repercussions for killing civilians
Run as keybind in-game.
Code: — No repercussions for killing civilians– Author: DvD old_killed = old_killed or StatisticsManager.killedfunction CopDamage:_show_death_hint(type) endfunction GroupAIStateBase:hostage_killed(killer_unit) endfunction StatisticsManager:killed(data) if ~= “bank_manager” and ~= “civilian” and ~= “civilian_female” then old_killed(self, data) endend

X-Ray (customizable + toggleable)
Run as keybind in-game.
Code: — X-Ray (customizable)– Author: DvD — Customize the colors here, format is Vector3(r, g, b) and are values between 0.0 and 1.0local color_civ = Vector3(0, 0, 1) — Civilianslocal color_civ_keycard = Vector3(1, 1, 0) — Civilians with keycards, i.e. bank managerlocal color_enemy = Vector3(1, 0, 0) — Default enemieslocal color_tank = Vector3(1, 0, 1) — Bulldozerlocal color_taser = Vector3(1, 0, 1) — Taserlocal color_shield = Vector3(1, 0, 1) — Shieldlocal color_sniper = Vector3(0, 1, 0) — Sniperlocal color_spooc = Vector3(0, 1, 0) — Cloaker ————————————————————————————————- xray_active = not xray_activemanagers.hud:show_hint({text = xray_active and “X-Ray Activated” or “X-Ray Deactivated”}) function add_contour_unit(unit, color) unit:base():swap_material_config() managers.occlusion:remove_occlusion(unit) unit:base():set_allow_invisible(false) local materials = unit:get_objects_by_type(Idstring(“material”)) for _,mat in pairs(materials) do mat:set_variable(Idstring(“contour_color”), color) mat:set_variable(Idstring(“contour_opacity”), 1) endend function remove_contour_unit(unit) unit:base():swap_material_config() managers.occlusion:add_occlusion(unit) unit:base():set_allow_invisible(true)end function get_enemy_color(unit) local tweak_table = unit:base()._tweak_table local color = (tweak_table == “tank” and color_tank) or (tweak_table == “taser” and color_taser) or (tweak_table == “shield” and color_shield) or (tweak_table == “sniper” and color_sniper) or (tweak_table == “spooc” and color_spooc) or color_enemy return colorend — Disables several game functions which break our contoursfunction GamePlayCentralManager:add_enemy_contour(unit) endfunction CopBase:set_contour(state) end — Callback handlersold_on_enemy_registered = old_on_enemy_registered or EnemyManager.on_enemy_registeredfunction EnemyManager:on_enemy_registered(unit) old_on_enemy_registered(self, unit) add_contour_unit(unit, get_enemy_color(unit))end old_on_enemy_died = old_on_enemy_died or EnemyManager.on_enemy_diedfunction EnemyManager:on_enemy_died(dead_unit, damage_info) old_on_enemy_died(self, dead_unit, damage_info) remove_contour_unit(dead_unit)end old_register_civilian = old_register_civilian or EnemyManager.register_civilianfunction EnemyManager:register_civilian(unit) old_register_civilian(self, unit) local color = unit:base()._tweak_table == “bank_manager” and color_civ_keycard or color_civ add_contour_unit(unit, color)end old_on_civilian_died = old_on_civilian_died or EnemyManager.on_civilian_diedfunction EnemyManager:on_civilian_died(dead_unit, damage_info) old_on_civilian_died(self, dead_unit, damage_info) remove_contour_unit(dead_unit)end  — Initial populating of contour unitsfor _,unit_table in pairs(managers.enemy:all_civilians()) do local color = unit:base()._tweak_table == “bank_manager” and color_civ_keycard or color_civ if xray_active then add_contour_unit(unit_table.unit, color) else remove_contour_unit(unit_table.unit) endend for _,unit_table in pairs(managers.enemy:all_enemies()) do if xray_active then add_contour_unit(unit_table.unit, get_enemy_color(unit_table.unit)) else remove_contour_unit(unit_table.unit) endend

No invisible walls, will remove all invisible walls that block you, allowing you to walk outside the map.
Run as keybind in-game.
Code: — No invisible walls– Author: DvD local collisions = { [“276de19dc5541f30”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/dev_collision_1m_2 [“8f3cb89b79b42ec4”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/dev_collision_4m [“7ae8fcbfe6a00f7b”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/dev_collision_5m [“7a4c85917d8d8323”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/dev_collision_10m [“01c78e4ef0340674”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/navigation_blocker [“adea0368e2fee02b”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/navigation_blocker_1 [“42370b3a7b92f537”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/navigation_blocker_10 [“39d0838c190f1540”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/navigation_blocker_20 [“cacb76e8e1d7e2f3”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/navigation_blocker_50 [“c746af9ae100c837”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/navigation_blocker_hlf [“c5c4442c5e147cb0”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/collision/dev_collision_1m/dev_collision_1m [“673ea142d68175df”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/collision/dev_collision_20m/dev_collision_20m [“9d8b22836aa015ed”] = true, –units/dev_tools/level_tools/collision/dev_collision_50m/dev_collision_50m [“884186db79fc2662”] = true, –units/world/architecture/bank/bank_dev_collison/bank_dev_collison [“e8fe662bb4d262d3”] = true, –units/world/architecture/slaughterhouse/slaughterhouse_dev_collision [“86efb80bf784046f”] = true –units/world/architecture/street/dev_collision_street/dev_collision_street } for _,unit in pairs(World:find_units_quick(“all”, 1)) do if collisions[unit:name():key()] then Network:detach_unit(unit) unit:set_slot(0) endend

Ammo pickup multiplier (customizable)
Run as a keybind in-game or postrequire to lib/units/weapons/raycastweaponbase
Code: — Ammo pickup multiplier (customizable)– Author: DvD local ammo_multiplier = 1.5 — Put here the multiplier for picked up ammo —————————————————————————– old_add_ammo = old_add_ammo or RaycastWeaponBase.add_ammofunction RaycastWeaponBase:add_ammo() self._ammo_pickup[1] = self._ammo_pickup[1] * ammo_multiplier self._ammo_pickup[2] = self._ammo_pickup[2] * ammo_multiplier local retval = old_add_ammo(self) self._ammo_pickup[1] = math.round(self._ammo_pickup[1] / ammo_multiplier) self._ammo_pickup[2] = math.round(self._ammo_pickup[2] / ammo_multiplier) return retvalend

Infinite jumps (customizable)
Run as keybind in-game or postrequire to lib/units/beings/player/states/playerstandard.
Code: — Infinite jumps (customizable)– Author: DvD local max_jumps = 3 — Set to the number of jumps you want to be able to do, false for infinitelocal no_cooldown = true — Set to true if you want to re-jump without cooldown ———————————————————————————————————- — Bypass jump checklocal jumps = 1old_check_jump = old_check_jump or PlayerStandard._check_action_jumpfunction PlayerStandard:_check_action_jump(t, input) if self._in_air and input.btn_jump_press and (not max_jumps or jumps < max_jumps) then self._in_air = false jumps = jumps + 1 if no_cooldown and self._jump_t then self._jump_t = t – 0.75 end end return old_check_jump(self, t, input)end — Reset jump counterold_update_foley = old_update_foley or PlayerStandard._update_foleyfunction PlayerStandard:_update_foley(t, input) old_update_foley(self, t, input) if self._gnd_ray then jumps = 1 endend

No “point of no return” timer, gives you an unlimited amount of time to escape, plus no timer shows up. Bain might still annoy you about it in the beginning though.

Run as a keybind in-game or postrequire to lib/managers/group_ai_states/groupaistatebase.
Code: — No “point of no return” timer– Author: DvD function GroupAIStateBase:_update_point_of_no_return(t, dt) end

Unlock all masks

Postrequire to lib/managers/menumanager.
Code: — Unlock all masks– Author: DvD function MaskOptionInitiator:modify_node(node) local choose_mask = node:item(“choose_mask”) local data_node = {type = “MenuItemMultiChoice”} for name,_ in pairs(tweak_data.mask_sets) do table.insert(data_node, {_meta = “option”, text_id = “menu_mask_”, value = name}) end choose_mask:init(data_node, {name = “choose_mask”, text_id = “menu_choose_mask”, callback = “choice_mask”, help_id = choose_mask:parameters().help_id}) choose_mask:set_callback_handler(MenuCallbackHandler:new()) choose_mask:set_value(managers.user:get_setting(“mask_set”)) return nodeend

Unlock all DLC

Postrequire to lib/managers/dlcmanager.
Code: — Unlock all DLC– Author: DvD old_verify = old_verify or WINDLCManager._verify_dlcsfunction WINDLCManager:_verify_dlcs() old_verify(self) for _,dlc in pairs(Global.dlc_manager.all_dlc_data) do dlc.verified = true endend

Set higher level, this will level you up to a specific level, with customizable tier levels as well.
There is no easy way to “un-level up”, for this I would have to rewrite their entire upgrades manager, which I might do in the future. For now, DO NOT try to go down in level, it won’t work.
For this reason, BACKUP YOUR SAVE, if you don’t like the level you’re at, simply return.
Some more notes to keep in mind:
– You can’t go past main level 193
– You can’t go past level 48 in a tier
– You can’t go down a level in a tier either
– The combined level of all tiers has to equal the main level
Otherwise, it’s customizable to your liking.

Activate this as a keybind in-game and look for a chat message for success or a hint on failure with a reason why.
Code: — Set higher level– Author: DvD local level = 100 — Target main levellocal tier_assault = 25 — Target “assault” tier levellocal tier_sharpshooter = 25 — Target “sharpshooter” tier levellocal tier_support = 25 — Target “support” tier levellocal tier_technician = 25 — Target “technician” tier level ——————————————————————————- — Show hint on errorslocal is_valid = truefunction _error(message) if managers.hud then managers.hud:show_hint({text = message}) end is_valid = falseend — Checksif (tier_assault + tier_sharpshooter + tier_support + tier_technician) ~= level then _error(“All tier levels have to add up to target level!”) endif level <= managers.experience._global.level then _error(“Target level has to be higher than current level!”) endif level > 193 then _error(“Target level can’t be higher than level cap (193)”) endif tier_assault > 48 or tier_sharpshooter > 48 or tier_support > 48 or tier_technician > 48 then _error(“Target tier level can’t be higher than cap (48)”) endif tier_assault < managers.upgrades._global.progress[1] or tier_sharpshooter < managers.upgrades._global.progress[2] or tier_support < managers.upgrades._global.progress[3] or tier_technician < managers.upgrades._global.progress[4] then _error(“Target tier level can’t be lower than current tier level!”) end if is_valid then — Handle main level managers.experience._global.level = level managers.experience:_set_next_level_data(level + 1) if level >= 145 then managers.challenges:set_flag(“president”) end  — Handle tier level-ups local tier_values = { tier_assault, tier_sharpshooter, tier_support, tier_technician } for tier=1,4 do local old = managers.upgrades._global.progress[tier] managers.upgrades._global.progress[tier] = tier_values[tier] for i=1, tier_values[tier]-old do local id = tweak_data.upgrades.progress[tier][old + i] local upgrade = tweak_data.upgrades.definitions[id] managers.upgrades._global.aquired[id] = true managers.upgrades:_aquire_upgrade(upgrade, id) end end — Print out success message message = “SYSTEM: Level “..level..” successfully reached!” local s = managers.hud:script(PlayerBase.PLAYER_INFO_HUD_FULLSCREEN).panel:child(“textscroll”):script() s.box_print(message, Color.yellow, utf8.find_char(message, “:”)) s.scrollus:set_color(Color.white)end

No intro dialog, skips the black screen and Bain’s dialog on the start of every map.
NOTE: This causes very rare crashes when “End Game” is clicked.

Postrequire to lib/states/ingamewaitingforplayers.
Code: — No intro dialog– Author: DvD function IngameWaitingForPlayersState:init(game_state_machine) GameState.init(self, “ingame_waiting_for_players”, game_state_machine) self._start_cb = callback(self, self, “_start”) self._controller = nilend function IngameWaitingForPlayersState:_start() if not Network:is_server() then return end self._delay_audio_t = nil self._delay_start_t = nil self._delay_spawn_t = 0end

Enable restart game, enables the “Restart Game” menu option that is usually only possible in single player.

Run as keybind whenever or postrequire to lib/managers/menumanager.
Code: — Enable restart game– Author: DvD function MenuCallbackHandler:is_singleplayer() return true end

Infinite cable ties.

Run as keybind in-game or postrequire to lib/managers/playermanager.
Code: — Infinite cable ties– Author: DvD old_remove = old_remove or PlayerManager.remove_specialfunction PlayerManager:remove_special(name) return name == “cable_tie” and true or old_remove(self, name)end

Enable crosshair when downed

Run as keybind in-game or postrequire to lib/states/ingamebleedout.
Code: — Enable crosshair when downed– Author: DvD old_at_enter = old_at_enter or IngameBleedOutState.at_enterfunction IngameBleedOutState:at_enter() old_at_enter(self) managers.hud:show(PlayerBase.PLAYER_HUD)end

Reverse lookup Idstring
READ THIS: This adds a function to the Idstring table to reverse any Idstring. The file with the database is almost 2MB so I have uploaded it here instead of pasting the code.
Then, you can use it simply like this and note that it works with both the full Idstring or with just the key:
Code: local ids = Idstring(“units/world/architecture/street/dev_collision_street/dev_collision_street”)print(“Idstring = “..ids)print(“reverse = “..Idstring:reverse(ids))print(“reverse = “..Idstring:reverse(ids:key()))

Download PAYDAY The Heist Script Dumps Lua scripts collection + will make requests updated 20-11-2019 Payday 2 Payday: The Heist


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