Mar 10 th, 2021
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Download Pacify External Cheat v1.0 MMORPG and Strategy

Pacify External Cheat v1.0

Hey everyone, I’m new to UC and this is my first release.
The cheat includes:
Infinite Good Dolls
Infinite Wood
Teleportation (Master bedroom, boiler/furnace room, doll room and main hall.)
in order for infinite wood to work, you need to put it in the furnace and spam E many times until the furnace has a ton of wood in it. Then, disable the option after. It will burn forever.
I am constantly working on the cheat and there will be more features to come .
Launch Instructions:
Step 1: Open Pacify
Step 2: Launch the hack

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Discord: notNik.#2188

Download Source Link 1
Download Source Link 2

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