Download Nunr’s “Sin” FFA EB Mod

-0.3 EB
-Toggle Invisiblity
-Instant 29 Kills
-Kick non-admins at 28/29 kills
-Full Custom EB strength (increments of 100)
-Toggle UFO
-Toggle EB
-Admin List
-Killcam lag fix
-Extend Time limit by 2min (repeatable)
-Care Package Spawning…426a3ca8fca745…is/1407409994/
Edit the _settings.gsc file with notepad and add the usernames (not case sensitive) of the people you wish to have ‘admin’ access.

The following commands are used, you can change them as you wish in _rank fairly easily.
+actionslot 1 – Toggles invisiblity on/off, while crouched will set 29kills/1450 score.
+actionslot 2 – Gives a carepackage if pressed while prone
+addtime – Adds 2 minutes of time
+lookup – EB +100
+lookdown – EB -100
+mlook – Toggle UFO
+strafe – Toggle EB

All of these with the exception of “+addtime” can be bound using the ingame controls menu.
However it’s easier to manually edit your player config, for example…
bind RIGHTARROW “+addtime”



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