Mar 10 th, 2021
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Download MEMU3 Sources (v1.1) Overwatch

MEMU3 – Overwatch Pixlebot sources without using mouse_event

Hey folks,Been lurking around for a while now, but the first time to post anything.
That’s the source of the Overwatch pixelbot I made (started as a POC, then cheat itself became interesting to me to develop) written in C++. Now that I’ve stopped improving it (still a lot of work to do and a bunch of bugs to fix), Im making those sources open.

Some of the features:
Overlay (requires borderless window)
Well-optimized (~0.7% CPU usage on my machine)
Color tolerance (description TBD)
No mouse_event are used, but rather a filter driver
Few modes included (might need some improvement for flickshots\hanzo, though)
I’ve used a bunch of sources, and used a few tricks to improve performance, so it runs pretty smooth.
Not asking anything in exchange.

Download Source Link 1
Download Source Link 2

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