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Download Kitsune GTA v1.1 (Abundance) Kitsune GTA Grand Theft Auto V hacks and Cheats

Kitsune GTA

Hello, everyone, I’m back once again with another release since I was threatened to do it by @onra2 (I can’t be MoTM but I can be a GTA Alpha male)… and because the last one is related to other things now. Now I decided to make better use of @pocakking’s big base v2 and actually do some decent work in Dear ImGui rather than just throwing some features into the base and calling it a day. I decided to actually work on some tabs this time and follow a somewhat decent and easy to read structure. The icons used in the menu are font awesome 5 and are loaded from memory so you don’t have to worry about installing fonts or the like. Enough about why not let’s hear about what.
First, as per usual, we are back with the discord rich presence once again because people attempt to resell work and it makes it easier to see who on your friend’s list are also using this release. Later on, I will add the ability to disable it but for now, it looks a little like this:
The idea was simply to just make an internal free release for the forums (which are lacking at the moment) and to build off of it over time. Right now it’s not exactly the most feature-full but I attempted at making a somewhat decent UI inspired by the csgo and apex section. Most of the tabs may be changed to icons over time but for ease of access and understanding, for the most part, they are labeled beside the submenu tabs. The submenu tabs as stated earlier are using Font awesome which is loaded from memory if you have any good font suggestions I will take them to note for the text.
I do have plans to add a player list with some player tabs into the menu as well to make the best use of online options and features once I have a good place for it. The weapons and vehicle features will also grow over time and any suggestion is open for being added. The Next update should hopefully include IPLs and some bug fixes that are probably bound to be present in the initial release as well as the start to an LSC and tunables tab. I will attempt to add features that people keep asking for from UC Internal and Deceived hopefully within the next week or so.
Some features to highlight if you do not open the features list or scroll through it below includes a vehicle spawner with (I hope) all vehicles and updates within the menu as well as toggles for spawning inside, maxed, or invincible. There is also an explosive ammo tab with over 50 explosion types and the ability to edit the visibility and damage scale. The spoofer in the menu will allow you to spoof your level, k/d, kills, and bank money to others and even allow you to exceed limits upon spoofing which I show below with my level 66666. You can edit the slider and floats to get a precise number or to exceed the max with ctrl + left click or strg + left (if that is correct). There is a money drop in the menu which allows you to change the model, delay, and value (the max is 2000).
To open the menu the open key is insert or 0 on the Numpad, either or, and to uninject the key is the end so if you don’t plan on uninjecting stay clear of the button. One feature in the menu does require a key which is drift mode which although enabled will only work while pressing shift because it can get annoying to have no grip constantly so you can use it when convenient. I am also open to UI related critiques and suggestions that will make the menu easier to use and more visually pleasing to view!

Code: Self:-God Mode-Max Armor-Invisibility-No ragdoll-Firebreath-Aid “Drops”-Never Wanted-Set Wanted Level-6 star wanted level-Disable Phone-Ignored by Peds-Clean Ped-Random Outfit-Tiny Ped-Set Hair Color (Online) Teleport Locations Weapon Options:-All Weapons-All Mk2 Weapons-Dildo Knife-Refill Ammo-Upgrade all mk2 weapons-Give Stun Gun-Give Digiscanner-Infinite Ammo-Trigger Bot-Rapid Fire-No Reload -Autoshoot-One Shot kill-Bullet Damage Modifier-Explosive Ammo-Explosive Type-Delete Gun-Airstrike Gun-Firework Gun-Ped Gun-Cartoon Gun-Ped Swap Gun-Money Gun Vehicle Options:-God Mode-Vehicle Jump-Stick to Ground-No Bike Fall-Drift Mode (Shift)-Rainbow Paint fade-Rainbow Neons-Horn Boost-Repair Vehicle-Max Upgrade-Flip Vehicle-Paint modifier (Color Picker)-Vehicle Spawner Recovery Options:-Set Level-XP Multiplier-Cash Multiplier-Money Drop-Max Stats-All Achievements-Max Nightclub Popularity-Spoof Level-Spoof Kills-Spoof K/D-Spoof Bank Money Misc Options:-No Orbital Cannon Cooldown -Moon Gravity-Mobile Radio-Hide HUD-Chaos Mode-Skip Cutscenes-Merryweather Request-Defuse Events


Credits: @Cych – For the continuous help and support helping me to develop and grow as well as humbling me when I need it.
@272 – For being quick to answer questions and for good pointers and points of information that has lead me in the right direction
@pocakking – For the base and for his contributions to the community and forums that have enabled people to learn and expand
@ImCytox – For his support in helping me through big base v2, the implementation of a few things and for making some processes simpler (or unreasonable complex who knows)
@onra2 – For the friendly competition which sparked this little project here (kinda as a meme), and for being the MoTM at the time of me writing this @Kiddion – Who contributed a lot of information and resources that were of great help @anarh1st47 – For being a great friend and all-around friendly personality @Rye – For being my test dumb on highly experimental features that (maybe shouldn’t) be released @OmegaYikes – For reminding me that for some reason spelling matters in a meme @bymaestro01 – For the help in understanding a few things better and getting ImGui related things working properly @2c-n – For being a little cutie all the time nad keeping me company @monkeycow – For helping around and answering questions in my stead My Testers – For testing constantly and submitting bug reports
1. unzip the archive and locate the contents.
2. Load up GTA and launch Extreme Injector
3. Change Extreme Injector to Standard inject and wait for the game legal to pass
4. Once the logger appears and the cheat is ready to press insert to open

Code: Why are animations broken and why are pedestrians bugged?This is probably because you enabled all the protections which at the moment are event defusals it is not encouraged to have them all enabled for the sake of doing so.My game has an infinite loading screen and nothing is loading?This is probably because of the ped swapper I am aware of this issue and am currently fixing it which is why it is experimental.How can I open the menu and navigate? Well, to open the menu you want to use the insert key and you can navigate through clicks with your mouse as opposed to the traditional button navigation.

I welcome feedback, and suggestions to contribute to the community you can submit bug reports, suggestions, and offer help to those who are stumped or confused on how to get the menu working or a feature to work. Feel free to add me on Discord and come hang out with us whenever you choose. This project, unlike UCI, will not be open source and I will not be accepting any request for the source code or hand me outs.
You can report bugs and issues to the Issue tracker here: Issue Tracker

Code: Kitsune GTA v1.1:- added vehicle shooter- added rainbow gun- added unlock online phone contacts- added stat editor (int) [DEVELOPER LEVEL]- added arcade 210k a second- added nightclub 210k a second- added ability to toggle movements while menu is open- added cage player- added airstrike player- added clone player- added water/fireloop player- added a players list- added online and world tab- added a few remote options- added blame player- added outfit editor- added copy outfit- added IPLs- added projectile editor- added teleport to player- added teleport to nearest car- added airstrike all- added kick all from ceo- added ban all from ceo- added spectate player- added kick player to sp – added send to mission – added kick from ceo- added kick player- added teleport to waypoint- added ability to move in game with menu open- added spawn car by input name- added player options sub tabs- edited some button sizes- added more weapon options- added more tp locations- added session time and session weather- moved the teleport tab to world and some misc options to world- small size edits- fixed bank money toggle- fixed rp multiplier ad cash multiplier- bug fixes.


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