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Download GameGhost v1.2 for RDR2 FPS Game Hacks and Cheats

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Gold Farming with Game Ghost. 100% Legit Gold Method .

Game Ghost allows you to get Free Gold Bars in RDR2 ?
No . Staying AFK in Race Mode gives you Gold Bars .
How Much Gold are we talking about here ?
About 1 Gold Bar an Hour. I make about 10 gold bars while I sleep .
Is that great ? You tell me ! Are you gonna turn down 10 free gold bars ?
We already knew about this method.
Yes ! Maybe some didn’t ? It’s Nice to have a Legit gold option that’s Low to no risk”.Cant I just use a controller with a rubber band, or jam pencil in my keyboard ? YES . That is the preferred method to remain 100% mod free. Or make a macro on keyboard, or AHK script.
Whatever method you want that keeps you in game will work.
OK So What is Game Ghost , and what does it do?
Game Ghost is a saucy.exe that I made with a Ghost pic and Slick name for maximum edge .

It lets you to stay AFK in any game RDR2 as long as its on .
(It simply presses WSAD “G” every 5 seconds )
Allowing you to Farm Gold Bars in Race Mode as long as you want.
Is it safe to use? Since this doesn’t touch the game , There is no extremely low risk of ban.
How to Farm Gold:

  1. Start RDR2.
  2. Go Online , Join Race Mode.
  3. Open GameGhost.exe and click Start.
  4. Go AFK . Farm that Free Gold !
  5. To Stop Game Ghost press Stop , or close the GUI .

Completely Remade with AutoHotKey,
Looks for RDR2 in background and brings it to Foreground.
Presses “G” in game every 10 seconds.
(Use on a horse to Automate Horse Bonding.)
GameGhost -works with any game-
Scriptkiddy1337 for his GTA5 AHK Script .


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I'm a game lover and game player so decided to create a website for other user to download Free Game hacks. Most time i don't use game cheats however sometime i do and is fun!

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