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Download FroobJuice v1.15 Combat Arms hacks

FroobJuice v1.17 – CA:Classic hax


This thread will contain all updates to the previous v1.0. This way I don’t have to make a new thread every time I want to release a new version. The hack now sports a menu. The KDR lockout implemented in the previous version is now a feature not a nuisance. It is called KDR Strap and can be enabled/disabled via the hack menu under Settings=>KDR Strap.
Do not ask for new features, I only code when I feel like it. I do however take bug reports(crashes/outdated/whateva) seriously.
Press [INSERT] to enable hack. Arrow keys navigates menu. As long as you can use an injector you are good to go…


  • Nx Chams
  • Engine nametags

Speed Hacks – can set Front/Back/Side speeds individually

Jump Hack – can set jump velocity

Fly Hack – Press & Hold Space


  • Voice spam – Press & Hold Home
  • Player Kick – Allows you to vote kick players on the opposing team; something you can’t do with normal kick. Also works for One Man Army matches. Sometimes works for Elite moderated rooms: I havn’t discovered when/why as yet. When you’ve selected the appropriate player, press Right Ctrl to initiate the vote kick.
  • Telekill – The infamous pwn tool.
  • Character Spoofer – Change before you enter match. I am very lazy and didn’t bother to map the numerical indexes to readable names but I guess i can implement that in a later release.
  • Ghost Mode – You activate it then move away from your body (like a ghost). If anybody finds your body you’re dead. So it’d be smart to stash your body somewhere safe before you activate ghost mode.
  • Gun browser/tweaker (poorly implemented) – The gun browser was meant as a way to tweak individual gun properties for people with gun fetishes. Get that shit dialed in right and make it perform exactly how you want it to. However it is incomplete and Recoil (if it’s even really recoil) is the only tweak-able option for now. But also you can just scroll through and see all the names of every gun in the game along with their stats. It is not a weapon spawner of any sort.
  • Windowed mode – Option to switch to windowed mode
  • KDR Strap – Hacks only work when your KDR is below the KDR Strap value. When your KDR goes over the strap value they auto disable. This can be used as a measure to prevent annoying overuse and keep your hacks low-key. And also a method to wean you off hacks.
  • Ejectable – Press Ctrl + End key to eject the hack from the game. EJECTO SEATO CUZ!


  • Aim Strap – Tell the aimbot whether to aim at the nearest person to you OR the nearest person to your crosshair.
  • Aim Key – Choose what key activates the aimbot.
  • Auto-aim – Allows you to make the aimbot automatically aim at targets without the fire key being pressed.
  • Aim Bone – Choose where the aimbot aims.
  • Bone Failover – Sometimes the aim bone you set isn’t visible, under normal circumstances the aimbot fails, (like say for instance the enemy is behind cover and your aim bone is set to Torso but you can still see his head), this option makes the aimbot choose some other visible aim bone rather than just do nothing. Be careful with this, it is very headshot happy.
  • Aim Smoothing – Icing on the cake, make the aimbot seem less snappy.
  • Aim Correction – No recoil/spread.

v1.17 Changelog
Fixed crash enabling Nametags.
Fixed crash which happens when Stats is enabled.
Fixed Stats not properly toggling to Off.
Injector Instructions

  1. Download Extreme Injector
  2. Set process name to Engine.exe (by typing it. No need to use the select button)
  3. Set the injector to auto inject. (You have to auto inject as soon as the game starts not after.)
  4. Run the game.

lol300987 – i don’t know the guy. but i did steal some code for the elite kick feature from him.
muhammed089 – found a bug where player can’t deploy grenades with No Reload enabled.
unpsense – Beta tester
iLLuZioN666 – Beta tester, found bug in character spoofer where indexer has no limits.
Enphasy – found a bug where hacks don’t work when menu is active.
laxol – helped me to improve upon my incorrect use of the win32 api along with giving me some pointers about proper ejection of my hack from game memory.
mikewk – for improved Aim Correction. now has no recoil at all. Gave me an idea on the implementation of Telekill. Also helped me fix a few player movement hacks.
xk3y – his Having fun with the engine (Part 1) thread inspired me to create the hack. also shared some useful info used by the Elite kick feature.
But mostly UnKnoWnCheaTs and all the great people who contribute to it. May she live on…
If anybody wants to express their gratitude, they can buy me a coffee. Thank you.


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