Download Fortnite Unban Method + BattleEye to EAC

This method got me unbanned in Fortnite after some big cheating (Aimbot high FOV, etc).

Switch Battleye to EAC

1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL -> Open Task Manager -> Click on Performance -> Click on CPU -> Make sure Virtualization is enabled (If it’s enabled, skip to step 3)
2. If Virtualization is disabled, enable it in your bios settings
3. Uninstall Fortnite, and Epic Games launcher
3. Download this file -> Here
4. Open the zip, then Open force_eac.bat, this will delete some regedits that epic game uses to identify the hardware id’s and other things.
5. Open the game through epic games launcher, and you should now have EAC

Unban Method
1. Download this file -> Here.
2. Run all 4 cleaners (Cleaner 1, Cleaner 2, Cleanup crew and new_Cleaner)
3. Restart your computer when cleanup crew and new_cleaner tells you to do so
4. Run fix.exe spoof.exe and then unfix.bat
5. Create a new epic games account and try to play
5. If everything works, close your game run global loader and play

Download Fortnite Unban Method + BattleEye to EAC

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