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Download Download Sirystes ReportBot v2.1 CS:GO Releases CSGO NEW REPORTBOT SIRYSTES


Hello, guys, I came to bring you this reportbot that I ended up finding … I used to askwrite and then titan, after so many valve updates, both of them do not work anymore so I’m here to show you this new free reportbot 100% functional…
How to use this reportbot?

  1. Open the folder: sirystes_config and open these files “config” and “sirystes_config”
  2. After opening the two files you will replace in line 2 the steam api key (you will put yours)
  3. After that, still in the same folder you will open a text file called “setup.txt” and inside it you will put your accounts in “username : password” format and save
  4. Open the node.js command prompt and execute this code to give setup in your accounts
  5. command : node setup.js [ENTER]
  6. When “Done” means your accounts are already set up and ready to report
  7. And to report you will enter the following code
  8. command : node sirystesrbot.js “id player” “amount” “id match” [ENTER] (without the quotation marks)

Extra Infos :
Open the text document setup.txt paste your accounts in the Code:


format, so you will run the command prompt node and run node setup.js and then your accounts will be set to sirystes-rbot (remembering that you must do setup every time you add a new accounts but you can do the process of adding manually if you want, just need to open accounts.json)

Account Manager :
Account manager helper to clean duplicate accounts and remove empty spaces and non existing accounts, it is also possible to know how many accounts are available and remove 1 or more at one time if you need …
node accmanager.js [–clean] [–available] [–delete]
commands :
~ –clean – Will clean the accounts.json file by removing duplicate entries and removing entries with empty username/password.
~ –accounts – Will show the number of accounts available to report.
~ –remove <usernames> – This command will remove accounts from the list of accounts. You can remove multiple accounts at one time by placing user names separated by space.
Extra Infos :
Report cooldown is 12 hours per report
The MatchID is optional so if dont want to use just leave blank.
this project was based on the askwrite reportbot but it has already suffered so many updates that it does not look the same … but it’s worth mentioning here.

  • new version sirystes rbot v2
  • fixed bug of cooldown error
  • cooldown still remains in 12 hours to keep your api safe
  • new interface/designer to the script

Screenshot :

Last edited by codsec; 4th August 2019 at 08:03 PM. Reason: new update, fix bug’s and new design script.


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