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Download Download Project Cerberus 1.4 Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Hack

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Version: 1.4
Compatible emulators: LDPlayer 3.XX, TGB

An Xposed module that fakes some of your hardware information to provide a safer gaming experience. It worked well during the short testing phase, so I’m releasing it to the public.
As always, use at your own risk.

  1. Unblock any hosts you’ve blocked.
  2. Install a compatible Xposed version. (default installation, not via recovery) Reboot
  3. Install Cerberus
  4. Activate the module. Reboot
  5. Run Cerberus and press the bypass button. Give it root access.
  6. Once done, reboot the emu manually.
  7. To ensure that the module is working, please always run Cerberus before launching PUBG Mobile.*

*From 1.3 onwards, if Cerberus has been loaded succesfully, you will receive the following notification: CLICK
(not instantly, you should wait 5-10 secs)
If you don’t receive the notification, reload the module, reboot the emu and try again.
Be aware, that you will lose your guest account after pressing the bypass button.
You are welcome to change the params inside the /data/data/uc.ciceron.cerberus/shared_prefs/phone.xml, for now they are generated randomly.

How to correctly update Cerberus to a newer version?
1. Uninstall the previous version and reboot.
2. Install the new version.
3. Go to Xposed, tick the module (or untick and tick when installing over and older version)
4. Open Cerberus, make a new identity and press the bypass button
5. Reboot

Is Cerberus X.X better than Cerberus X.X? Should I always update to a newer version when it’s released?
If the old version is working well for you, there’s no need to update unless you want to test some new features or bypass algorithms.

Do I need to change my model and manufacturer?
Changing model and manufacturer is optional. If you feel safer this way, change them.

Where’s the run pubgm button? :O
Will bring it back in the next updates.

My graphics are blurry/pixelated
Change your resoulution to 1080p and/or replace the phone.xml params with real ones.

How to fix the scrolling bug?
You could try updating LDPlayer to the latest version and/or try running the game from the Cerberus run pubgm shortcut.

3.1.5 – (LDPlayer, Android 5 and up)
2.7 experimental – (TGB, Android 4)


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