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Deceived Mini

Hello everyone, I’m back once again. The GTA section has been lacking releases but not lacking interest. I and my friend @Cych have been developing a menu together for about 2 months and figured with the lack of releases why not release a free/lite version of it. For this base first and foremost we thank @pocakking as it is Big Base v1 which is a lot smoother and better than obviously nano or sudo. The development has been in progress for a few months now and we would like to give back to the community.
Firstly we are back once again with the discord rich presence, partially there because in the past many people have tried to pass work off of UC as their own, claim they are the developers and sell things off which obviously if a person with half a brain would check, they would see the credits and discord rich presence say otherwise, this is the new look:
Next, we have a fully working translation system which for now is done in English, you will need to place the English.dcn file in %appdata%\Deceived\GTA Mini\Translations in order for the menu to function properly, and by function we mean have actual labels instead of a chain of “unknown ()” where labels should be. With this you will also be able to submit your translations in your native language so that others who speak your native language can have an easier time reading and using the menu, let’s call this a communal effort for opening knowledge to everyone!
Furthermore, the Mini version includes @Cych’s executable loader which allows you to load external cheats such as @Kiddion’s modest external and others right from in the menu if you navigate to the deceived folder where GTA Mini is once again the place you would store them would be in Executables. If you are aware of Cych’s persistent teleporter and TP manager then that is also included in the menu under misc, see how easy he is making your life it’s almost like he knew your problems before you did. Finally, another major addition by Cych is the offline and online version this simply just means that if you are offline then it will display offline oriented features and if you are online it will display all of them, if it is not working properly and you need to reinject the uninject button (wow helpful) is delete.
A few more side things include a imgui in-game log that you can enable in order to see the logs in-game without having to tab out, for example, why am I getting unknown’s and why aren’t things showing up? Well make sure they parsed right but no need to tab out. Another thing is the explosives menu that allows you to select one of 60+ explosion types (we know that canons typically don’t work) as well as whether they are audible, visible, the damage scale and more. We have dropped such as aid drops (health, armor, snacks, etc) as well as money drops and you can select the delay and prop model. Our money gun is the same way, you can select the value and the prop model there. An autopilot feature drives your car for you to your given waypoint, no need to keep hitting the button, may get a little glitchy so remember you can spawn another car or just get out if you get a little stuck with that one. Finally the vehicle spawner, although we have them all typed out we put the DLC vehicles as well as supers and sports in, looks something like this:

Credits: @Cych – Being the best co-dev ever, constantly working and especially with the epic vehicle spawning fix, teleport manager, translation manager, and executable loader!
@anarh1st47 – For being a very good friend and all-around amazing person, it doesn’t need much more of a reason than that!
@pocakking – Obviously for the base and the excellent work keeping it updated and fresh. @Scriptkiddy1337 – For being an active member in the GTA scene for years now and for his constant contributions to the reversal and scripting thread. @Kiddion – For his constant contributions, friendliness and all-around helpful manner, well-deserved member of the month.
@staffsevenxex – For being there from the beginning once again and also for the account, thank you loads. @mad2o2 – For being amazing and for his constant dedication and help as well as pointers and shitty memes
1. unzip the archive and locate the contents.
2. Place the English.dcn file in %appdata%\Deceived\GTA Mini\Translations
3. Load up GTA and launch Extreme Injector
4. Change Extreme Injector to Manual Map and wait for the game legals to pass 5. Once the logger appears and the cheat is ready press – on the numpad or insert to enter
Instructions (ImGui):
1. unzip the archive and locate the contents.
2. Load up GTA and launch Extreme Injector
3. Change Extreme Injector to Standard inject and wait for the game legals to pass 4. Once the logger appears and the cheat is ready press insert to open
Need help navigating? Don’t forget the instructional keys at the bottom:
We welcome feedback, and suggestions (to an extent this is a minimal version), to contribute to the community you can upload translation files as attachments and make sure that the attachment is in a zip with the language name and that the extension is set to .dcn as that is the only extension that will be parsed. Feel free to add either developer (Me or Cych) on Discord and come hang out with us whenever you choose. This project, unlike UCI, will not be open source and I will not be accepting any request for the source code or hand me outs.


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