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Download Dauntless Trainer v1.5 MMORPG and Strategy

Dauntless Trainer

Hello guys,
today i want to share with you a trainer i made for Dauntless,
please don’t go too hard on me (i’m new on this things).
– Teleport to behemoth;
– In-game overlay;
– Instant Acceleration;
– Set/Freeze Attack Speed
(Toggle is disabled out of hunt to avoid crashes);
Set/Freeze Movement Speed (Toggle is disabled out of hunt to avoid crashes);
Infinite Stamina (Disabled out of hunt to avoid crashes);
Behemoth HP;
Hunt Timer;
Load/Save pointers from/to XML;
Auto-clicker for RMB and LMB;
Hotkeys for easier use.

Insert (Ins) -> Toggle Left Mouse Button Clicker (LMB);
Home -> Toggle Right Mouse Button Clicker (RMB);
Delete (Del) -> Toggle Attack Speed value freeze;
End -> Toggle Movement Speed value freeze;
Page Down (Pg Dn) -> Toggle Infinite Stamina;
Page Up (Pg Up) -> Teleport to behemoth;
Pause -> Toggle Instant Acceleration;
How to use:
– Run Dauntless.
– Run Trainer.
– Enjoy.

Additional Info:
– The pointers file name must be “pointers.xml”;
– The trainer saves/loads pointers files from the directory it’s in;
– Attack Speed and Movement Speed value range is 1-250;
– Auto-clicker delay range is 1-1000;

I’ll be updating the trainer ASAP but consider that I have also other things to do.
If you have any issues or suggestions let me know

– Improved auto-clicker;
– Fixed Axe Charging Issue when holding LMB or RMB;
– Added Instant Acceleration (thanks to 200iq);
– Added Instant Accel. key binding (Pause);
– Added HP bar near behemoth HP (on in-game overlay).
– Minor improvements and changes.
– Added In-Game overlay (will improve in the next update);
– The teleport feature is back! (and it works properly, i hope );
– Added Hotkey for teleport (Page Up);
– Auto-load pointers from pointers.xml if file exists.
– Auto-clicker now clicks when you enable it and hold down RMB or LMB;
– Auto-clicker is now more performant (caps at 64.4 Clicks-per-second instead of 25);
– Auto-clicker and other features disable automatically on behemoth death (also A.S. and M.S. go back to their original value).
– Added auto-clicker for Right Mouse Button (RMB) and Left Mouse Button (LMB)(delay range: 1-1000);
– Added hotkeys to enable/disable functions (see bindings above);
– Temporarily disabled “TP to Behemoth” (stability issues)
– Increased AttackSpeed and MovementSpeed number limit to 250(just to be sure);
– Performance improvement (decreased CPU usage %);
– Some minor changes to the layout.
– Added Timer function;
– You can now freeze the attack speed and movement speed values;
– You can now load/save pointers from/to XML file for easy updating.
– First release.
Special thanks to:
– 200iq.


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