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Download CSGO Commend bot Counterstrike Global Offensive CS:GO Releases

CSGO Commend bot.

Commend bot for UC to enjoy, Also you might know me from some other sites, Don’t be shy to say hi.
Code: Restrictions and Issues:There also is a limit of the amount of commends you can send within a specific amount of time, that limit is set to 20. Due to this I recommend leaving perChunk and betweenChunks default but you can always experiment around.  Requirements: NodeJS v11 or laterLittle bit of JSON knowledge Installation: Download this repositoryOpen a command prompt inside the folderEnter npm installRename config.json.example to config.json and adjust itAdd accounts using the Database ManagerRun node index.js Config: commend:friendly Number: Amount of commends you want to send as friendlyteaching Number: Amount of commends you want to send as teachingleader Number: Amount of commends you want to send as leaderaccount:username String: Username of the account you want to boostpassword String: Pasword of the account you want to boostsharedSecret String: Optional shared secret if the account has two factor authenticationmethod String: Define the method – Valid values: LOGIN & SERVERtarget String: SteamID/VanityURL/ProfileURL of targetserverID String: ServerID, or IP, or auto of the servermatchID String: Optional match ID, typically just “0” anyways – I always use “0”.perChunk Number: toSend will be split into parts of perChunk sizebetweenChunks Number: Cooldown in milliseconds to wait after each part/chunkcooldown Number: Cooldown in milliseconds to not reuse accounts – Currently set to 8 hourssteamWebAPIKey String: Steam Web API key  Database Manager: Export account list: Export all accounts in a username:password formatList commends for user: List all accounts which have commended a specific userReset commends for user: Delete all commend entries from the database of a specific userRemove account from database: Delete a specific account from the database including commend historyAdd account(s) to database: Add accounts to the database, import from JSON file, import from username:passwordfile or manually add accountsList not working accounts: List all accounts which are marked as inoperational by the scriptReset Database: Will clear out all content of the database, resetting it to the defaultExit: Safely close database before exiting process Simple run it via node databaseManager.js, use the arrow keys & enter to navigate. Read on-screen instructions for more details. Botting Method:You can choose between two botting methods, LOGIN and SERVER. LOGIN will log into the targets account and automatically grab a server. account object must be filled with account details. Will ignore target & serverID.SERVER will assume the target is on the defined server  Server ID:The serverID field allows for either ServerIP, ServerID or auto. Server IP is self explanatory.ServerID can be found by entering status into the console ingame.On a community server it will look like this: 934/7508 secure [A:1:1297634312:12708] > [A:1:1297634312:12708].On a Valve server it will look like this: Connected to =[A:1:3849827331:12657]:0 > [A:1:3849827331:12657].Make sure to only include the stuff between the brackets and the brackets will automatically try and find the correct server the target is on. This works for all official Valve servers and on community servers if the target has cl_join_advertise set to 2.

Credit goes to BeepFelix


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