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Download Black Ops Multihack Source Call of Duty Series Call of Duty: Black Ops hacks

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multihack

This is my first cheat, not counting the basic aimbot I made for AssaultCube. I had intended to create a menu, but I gradually lost interest in developing this further. Otherwise, it is completely usable online. There was not a single Black Ops cheat source publicly available that I could find, except one with an ESP. My code is nowhere near perfect, but I really hope someone can look at this and it will help them learn something for this 10 year-old game. I learned a lot through making this such as VEH hooking, VMT hooking, learning to use IDA better, etc. Helpful criticism is welcome!

  • Aimbot
  • No recoil
  • No spread
  • Silent Aim
  • Name ESP/ 2D Box ESP
  • Autowall
  • Autoshoot
  • WIP Name changer


  • If there is one thing I am not happy with, it would be the way I’m modifying the usercmd in CL_CreateNewCommands. I’m not sure if my way is the most ideal way. Everyone I’ve asked was either completely unwilling to help and ignored me, or just did not know. Thus the aimbot is still imperfect after spending weeks on it.
  • The aimbot only aims at the j_head bone. It shouldn’t be hard at all to loop through each bone and prioritize each one by damage/visibility.
  • I tried to implement a FirstBulletFix type of function, but I never noticed a difference. It’s never called for this reason.
  • The name changer is a WIP. It will add your client number after the name because of the duplicate name. It doesn’t seem to do this if the target client is still in the middle of joining the game. Wasn’t a priority so I didn’t look further into it.


  • JD96 for just being himself and helping out new people like me with general questions.
  • kokole for the autowall function and the curt replies to my messages
  • iSuckAtLife for answering some questions and being nice
  • HereToHack for posting the RhinoCheats sources, those helped a lot with ESP
  • UnknownCheats and GuidedHacking for their many resourceful threads


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I'm a game lover and game player so decided to create a website for other user to download Free Game hacks. Most time i don't use game cheats however sometime i do and is fun!

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