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Download Assembly: Cracked + cheat loader Rust Game Hacks

Assembly: Cracked + cheat loader

Seems like about 30-40% of players on cracked servers play legit. Let’s change that again.
1: Rename your cheat (hax3s.dll) to: pastehack.dll pastecheat.dll
2: then place it into: steamapps\common\Rust\RustClient_Data\Managed
3: Replace the original csharp assembly with my file.
4: Launch the game through RustClient.exe
5: ???
6: profit
issues? look at troubleshooting. still issues? PM me, or respond to topic.
Example of a cheat if you don’t have a proper one:
Hack club Rust Cracked servers << just rename the hax3s.dll to pastehack.dll pastecheat.dll and place it in /managed along with my edit of assembly-csharp.dll
– Tell me EXACTLY what is going wrong and what you see
– make sure you have updated, clean rust steam files before you attempt to do anything – if your game makes it into the main menu, press F1 and take a screenshot of the console. Then post this screenshot here
– Make sure you are signed in to a steam account
I will soon include a cheat so i can gaurentee you have something working


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I'm a game lover and game player so decided to create a website for other user to download Free Game hacks. Most time i don't use game cheats however sometime i do and is fun!

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4 Responses to “Download Assembly: Cracked + cheat loader Rust Game Hacks”

  1. Naila says:

    Have been waiting for this for long time ! thank you!

  2. Nail says:

    so after trying the new update of the assembly csharp there is trouble
    after trying it,it doesn’t work,game stuck at loading,the game start normaly after putting the original one
    waiting for your reply and thanks

  3. Naila says:

    Hello back,
    fixed after downloading the new loader,thank you!

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