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Download ArchFiend DoomLord Bot for Grimoire 3.8 Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) Hacks Cheats Trainers

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ArchFiend DoomLord Bot for Grimoire 3.8

Just wanted to share this bot I made while getting my own ArchFiend DoomLord.
What does this bot do?Farms Unidentified 34.Gets Golden Hanzo Void materials and stops so you can use the merge glitch to save time (Or you can use the file that starts with merge that already has the merge glitch command inside it, you will need the merge glitch plugin to load it, remember to change the delay and remove the stop command above it.)Gets you all the items required for ArchFiend DoomLord (Doomblade of Destruction, ShadowFiend Cloak, DoomLord’s War Mask, Locks of the DoomLord, Unidentified 35)Finally it gets the ArchFiend DoomLord. That’s just the simplified version it actually farms a lot of things.
It will farm all the required items for all of this as long as you have the requirements written below.


  • A lot of free inventory space, it will need from 35 to 45 spaces required depending on your luck with the residual items if you want it to do the whole thing, if you only want to get Unidentified 34 for example you can just move the second line to the start and change the goto to the label of what you want to get(in this case it would be the label “start”). (Remember there is the bank glitch you can use to store as many non-AC items in your bank as you want, so you can have only 4 items on your inventory at the start, I made a plugin for it if you don’t know how to do it)
  • Have already done the story chain of Escherion, Vath and Tibicenas. (It’s required for farming dark crystal shards, and Escherion for other quests)
  • Have already done at least one of the VordredBoss routes. (It’s not really required but it will avoid a voiced narration when farming Doomatter)
  • Have already done BlindingSnow quests (It’s required to do the “kiss the void” quest efficiently)
  • Rank 10 Evil. (To be able to buy Shadow Lich)
  • Rank 7 Arcangrove. (To be able to buy Mystic Tribal Sword)
  • Rank 3 Alchemy. (required to get Essence Potion)
  • Check the skip cutscenes option. (Some places like VordredBoss will start a cutscene)
  • Not having any of the neccesary items inside the bank or the bot won’t be able to get them.
  • 1 AOE class and one Bossing class ( the AOE one for general farming and to avoid getting stucked when fighting Escherion in an empty room, the Bossing class to be able to defeat Tibicenas in an empty room, I used StoneCrusher as Bossing and Blaze Binder as AOE, so the bot will alternate within this 2 classes at some times, if you have these two classes and want to use them then there is no problem, but if you want to use other classes you will have to change the equip commands at the labels “Larvae”, “Crystal”, “Nonmem”, “Legend”, or simply use a class like shaman that can do both things)

I think those should be all the ones, if you find another one that I maybe forgot please tell me to add it to the list.
I made 2 versions of the bot, one that always joins to the room-9999 and stays in the place that has the most monsters needed for the quest/drop so you can use the room glitch, and another glitchless version that hops around the rooms killing the monsters. (I started using the room glitch but the amount of accounts needed to glitch all the rooms was too much so I decided to stop using it and made the glitchless version)
If you see the bot spend a lot of time fighting Escherion and Mana Golem, that is perfectly normal as getting unidentified 13,19,26 and the vouchers of nulgath mem and non-mem is what probably takes most of the time.
Edit: Fixed the problems some people were having with the bot:
Uni 34 farming never stopping if you get the Uni 35 early.
The Essence Potion farming not working.
A typo in the “legend” label that made the bot ignore it.
Also added two files that have the merge glitch command for Golden Hanzo Void already inside it, so if you want the bot to never stop you can use these ones. (It’s the ones that say “merge” at the start of the file, to use them you need to have the merge glitch plugin, remember to change the delay of the merge glitch command and removing the stop command that is above it, they are under the “HANZO” label)…a2dd/detection…job/b71bcfqiop


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