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Automatic XP/Renown farming bot [GUI] Rainbow Six Siege hacks

Automatic XP/Renown farming bot [GUI]

New game update, current v1.3 is not working. Nvm it’s still working.
Automatic AFK XP/Renown farming bot for Rainbow Six Siege (20000 XP per minute)This program should work fine, but let me know if you have any issues using this. I’m sure there are some people who want to use this.
Disable BattleEye before using it this! You can disable BE by adding the following line to Properties -> Game launch arguments (Or similar) in Uplay and/or Steam.
Code: /belaunch -be

How to use:
> Run the program as administrator.
> Start a situation (recommended!) or a terrorist hunt and wait until you’re spawned in.
> Configure the settings to your liking.
> Press the start button to start the bot.
> Press F12 if you want to pause/stop the bot.
You need to keep the game in focus the whole time. If you want to stop the program or want to do something else, press F12 first!
! There is a maximum amount of XP you can earn each 24 hours, I believe it’s 500k XP, could be less, after you have earned that amount you will not earn any more XP for the day.
! You need to keep the Rainbow Six window in focus the whole time.
! I have found the renown feature to be working the best in a realistic situation, but feel free to do some experimenting yourself. ! If you are using the renown gain option the program might seem like it’s lagging behind/freezing/crashing, but it’s not! You will notice it still works completely fine in the background.
V1.0 – V1.2 [Console]:
V1.3 [GUI]:
I have been using this for 3+ months now with no ban, but use at your own risk. If you get a VCRUNTIME140.dll error, install VCredist:…al-c-downloads
I won’t release the source for this, but if you want to know how such a program could work or want to make your own, take a look at this thread by @0Dev: Full Automatic Exp + Renown farmer
Also I don’t know how accurate this is, but if it is, you can use this to calculate how much XP you need for which level:…cZeMXgyLa-aa7g (not mine!)

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